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SH corresponds to my initials. They also reflect my academic and professional careers which push me to create a luxury brand for both casual clothes and lingerie for women.

The products will make the link between Western and Middle East influences. Also, my products will reflect both Persian and French cultures and styles. Elegance, Feminin and seductive.

My ambition for SH is to become an independent player in two main markets, Europe and Middle- East. Every piece will be made with nobles, timeless and exceptional materials. The majority of products will be produced with leather, simili leather, python and very specific technique like laser cut, pressing, print, etc.

SH wants to create a unique, arty and universal style based on a concept influenced by art and multicultural experiences. SH offers a new style for trendy, urban, active and fashionista women.SH wants to be known as a “Made in France” brand in order to display an image of luxury, top range brand and savoir-faire Français.SH clothes are intended to women who are not scared to take risk and go forward in life as well as they want to express their fashion style and way of life through their clothes.
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